The meaning of the Teen cup and Junior cup competition is based on promotion of wildwater kayak and canoe, for younger categories, which were left behind for many years. The fact is that this sport is one of the least developed, but still, it has the biggest potential. It is one of the most commonly followed sports on the Olympic games, so therefore, we can conclude, that it has the potential of consistent development. This is the reason we need more competitions, which are primarily made for viewers. The competition must have a system, where the tension rises until the end, where it reaches the highest point. At the same time, the competition must not last the whole day. We must include more youth, from different countries, continents. In this case we all win; the organizer of the competition, the different brands of kayak and canoe equipment and most importantly, the competitors, who in this case gain more benefits in sport than usual.

Sport in general has reached over the limits of normality, with it’s demands of more and more training and focusing on the sport itself as something that needs one’s full attention.

In the next few years our main focus will be a stronger and productive connection with the mass media, in order to gain more interest of the public. We are aware of the influence the media has and the benefits that the promotion of sport brings. A lot of sports which are less interesting are regularly on television just because of more aggressive approach.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all the volunteers, organizers and sponsors for their help with this project, which will keep on surprising you in the future.